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Tine and Lars's Wedding, July 4 2015

Tine Zickert Jensen and Lars Britz got married at Aarhus City Hall at 11:15 Saturday, July 4 2015. Afterwards there was a reception/party at their place in a big tent, with about 30 guests. Here the photos, taken with three different cameras: Thomas's own Panasonic TZ30, which he soon abandoned and took over Lars's fancy Nikon; and my Nikon 1F. I have weeded out those where we took the same thing, choosing the best one in each case, and the gallery below is therefore a mix of photos from all three cameras.

Apart from the family, of course: Tine's parents Lene and Gert and Lenes twin sister ("moster") Anne and Tine's grandmother Alice, and Sandy and I, Ruth and Thomas, there were a lot of friends of both, including school friends of Lars, Tine's best friends Katrine and Tine (the other); spouses, plus some friends Tine made from the mothers' group she went to after the twins were born.

Setting out from our home, all dressed up
Sandy and Thomas
At the City Hall, people milling about outside to start with
Lars arriving
with the boys
With Ruthie Tine Ruthie, Shahin, Mathias Katrine
Inside, getting married now
Problems of getting
the ring to fit
Now Tine, no problem
Signing the register Witness Tine Witness Katrine
Coming out

Now moving from the City Hall to Sophus Bauditz Vej, for the party.

It was held mainly in a big party tent they had rented but as it was a nice sunny day it was also nice outside the tent.
There were two other mothers, with very young babys, there.
There were of course speeches, coordinated by Katrine, MC
Michael Ruth Anna Lene's speech... ... involving the pair
being lifted up
Anne, Lene's twin sister
Lene and Anne Benjamin
(school friend)
Michael Møller Sabine (not making
a speech)
(school friend)
Tag game Frans' speech Gert
Danish wedding tradition: guests start rattling with their cutlery and the cewlyweds have to get up on a chair and kiss
The man himself His Dad (me) The kiss Alice not making a speech Shahin
Lars Me again (same speech)
Interlude, picking strawberries
Table scenes
More speeches
Tine (the other) Thomas Gifts table
Tine and friends,
a song for Tine
The Boys Bosom friends
Lars's school friends' speeches with old photos of Lars

The cake

Fancy cake, came
in a big styrofoam container
Cutting it Yum!
Nice Trine .. with baby Tearful Katrine ... making her speech
The band: Ruthie (trumpet), Gert (guitar), me (harmonica) playing the Bridal Waltz (Niels Gade), a wedding must-do. It ends with the guests dancing and closing in on the couple, lift up the groom (Lars) and cut off the ends of his socks.
The band The couple dancing Sock tips cut
More food late afternoon. They got the excellent kiosk "Koc" to make shawarma on the spot, and it was good.
Koc The boys liked it So did Tine (the other)


For the boys The boys scored again Must be put together
Tiny supermarket cart You can put things into it Some gifts came in an envelope Fancy hammock
Group photo Morning after
at our place, breakfast