Sydney 2010

These photos of family and friends are presented in the order in which they were taken, at several different sessions/visits, from the middle of November 2010 to just before Christmas.

Party at Northbridge. The star was baby Jed

The Davy family at Wollabi Point and Wingham

Keith + Tiana + Flynn Linda + Flynn Keith teaching
Wingham Brush

The Christmas pool party at Aden's parents' place

A great time was had by all. Loke swam under his own power (with a floater on of course) and enjoyed it, as did we all.

Lyndy at Manly with Dean and with Dian visiting the Tripathis

Sorry Lyndy, I only have these two - but they are nice.

Robert and Anne at Mt. Victoria

Lovely garden.

Christmas gifts at Panania

This was about the 20th December, a bit premature, but Rikke and the boys were to leave for Denmark next morning.
Unpacking The carrot preso, biggest hit of the day Rustle rustle The watch...

... continuing at Åbyhøj

Nanny Uncle Lars helping with the Lego .. Still helping, Tante Tine as well
Lunch Rune and the 100-piece puzzle Getting there Finished!
Finished Gaptooth boy The Tooth Fairy gave a coin