Loke and Rune visiting.

This was the big day, where Rikke brought her whole family (well, almost), Thomas was here for a very brief visit, so was Ruthie, and we had all three of our children AND all four grandchildren gathered in one place.

We started at our place with the twins, then moved to Lars and Tine's place in the afternoon where Rikke and Co. joined us. Later, Lene also came.
Playing at our place Alfred with bruises after a fall
At Lars and Tine's now. The cousins meet each other.
Sweety Maeve Blowing bubbles Did it! Cousin love (taken by Lars) Maeve eating vegemite
Walkabout Rough and tumble
Sand box May I join you?
Some group photos
All three "kids" and all four grandkids! Thomas with Maeve (and jet lag) Outside everybody!

Loke and Rune visited us for a couple of days, one night at hotel Faber

First night at our place, the twins came as well.
A typical picture Twins eating as so often
At the climbing club, Rune climbing.
On the low boulder wall Sandy and Loke Loke took this one - creative!
On a wall route with a belay
Aros (art gallery).
The Rainbow circle
Friday night at Hotel Faber.
The boys, settled down Their bedroom Kitchen - all mod cons Sandy photographing
Relaxing again And off we go, Sandy and Maeve

Another visit, three days

Thursday til Saturday the 18.-20. September we had the pleasure of all three kids every day. Maeve needed a sleep at midday, so we had to come home (or the hotel flat) for that. We had big plans but it turned out that the boys preferred to stay home after lunch, playing their iThings, so we didn't show them as much of Aarhus as we had planned. It was nice however and my worries about how Maeve would take us - although she seems to like us, she doesn't really know us that well - were groundless, she fitted right in, a real sweetie.

We had breakfast mostly at Folkestedet, a handy place, where they were delivered to by Rikke and Brett, who attended a conference every day. The first day we then went on to a children's play place, Børnenes Jord.
Breakkie Loke and Rune... ... playing silly buggers Loke took this... ...and this. He looks set to be a good photographer
At Børnenes Jord, the play place
Loke Sandy and Sweetie Rune on a small climbing wall
The play structure, and both Rune and Maeve were all over it. Maeve was a bit worried about the tube slide but kindly Rune took her with him.
Seesaw Rune on a weird thing Maeve on a swing thing

At our place one day, and at Hotel Faber

Breakkie Maeve All three

Our place again, 5.October.

Rune and the twins playing

Stacking boxes Here you are Higher Uh oh, what will he do?
You guessed it, mayhem Start again
Maeve stacking the twins' boxes
Breakkie Maeve All three