Melbourne visits us 2015

Rikke & Brett and the three children all came to Denmark in July/August 2015 and we minded them for a few days, three of them in a weekend palace in Knebel. Some shots were taken at our place, where they also stayed one night and a morning for brunch before they left for Copenhagen and home.

At our place

The twins Alfred and Bastian were at first a bit shy but they soon warmed up, especially to Maeve who is closest to their age.
We met them at Folkestedet and had a sort of brunch. We then went on past an ice cream place and to Dokk1, a great place for kids (and others)
Folkestedet Ice cream Dokk1
Dokk1. The End

At home at our place, where the three kids spent a day and a night

... and they got on wellLoke and his iPadRune too
Pancakes for breakfast The boys joined them later
The rolling pin Rune the builder
Lars joined us later. The day after we went to Dokk1, great place for kids.
Reading a story At Dokk1 again Dressing up Building
More building Loke too

Visit to the new Moesgaard Museum

They had the Chinese soldiers exhibition. It was a bit dark in there and hard to photograph, so there are only a very few.
You could choose ... dress and colour And outside again Long view

Back at our place

Maeve is good at plasticine flowers and keeps the colours carefully separate. This was later spoiled by the more gung-ho twins.

Weekend palace near Knebel, where we spent three days with the kids

The place has 5 bedrooms, saune and indoor pool, and other mod cons, and is about half a km from a beach, which we went to a couple of times, the first time just me and Maeve. I showed her bouncing flat stones off the water and she had fun
The boys mainly spent time with their iPads, and Maeve did too some of the time.
Another trip to the beach, this time all of us.
Maeve Loke Throwing for a bounce Me bouncing

A video clip, Maeve throwing a rock.

Lars turned up with he twins, who were happy to see Maeve.

They played well together
iPads Plasticine flowers
Lego tower under construction
It's usually Alfred (or Bastian) who knock down structures...
No worries, start again


After-dinner swim

Lars and the twins leaving
Pancake breakfast, last day at Knebel

Last day in Aarhus, brunch at our place

We got a present, a fancy pepper mill
Some portraits

Bye bye!