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Tine and Lars's wedding July 4, 2015

Photos from trips etc

Last performance of the Rusty Båthorns

Family and friends

General shots

initially taken with a digital Olympus 420, later a Panasonic Lumix TZ7, then a ditto TZ30, then a Nikon1F.

Cactus Autumn birch Århus ducks on an outing

The dreaded Lantana as a pot plant! Parrot nibbling at Grevillea Bike parking strictly forbidden
Still life at Ruth Anna's place Waterfall near Katoomba Flowering Acacia Nature's own kitsch Australian Nature's own kitsch
Ice hanging over creek Ice hanging over creek
Coffee bubbles Still life at home Autumn bush with berries Dried flowers
Danish flags on dog turds
seen at a footpath
The old and the new - Skt. Knuds church
and the Townhall in Aarhus

Lucky shot

Lars war running in the big yearly event in Aarhus, the half marathon, running with the twins in their pram, and I was positioned to take a photo as he came past. I thought I had missed him, wanting to photograph him on his approach. He was suddenly level with me, and I swung the camera around on the off-chance of getting him - and I did, a lucky shot with both feet off the ground. His feet, that is.

Bike sculptures in Aarhus

Lantana strikes again. Sold as as a pot plant at a local shop

Creek-side bench with a view

Summer 2016 Spring 2017 -
new view coming up
Summer 2017 -
View restored

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