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October 2020

Bedste's (Sandy's) birthday

A day at Dokk1, autumn holidays

Halloween preparations

At a playground

September 2020

The kids helped Lars with cementing the floor in the cellar, under what will be the sink

July 2020

At the Museum of Natural History

Outside the Art Gallery Aros, the whale helicopter

Inside Aros

Another day

Sunday, July 12. The Zickert Britzes moved into their new house. Lunch break in our flat

End of lunch break.

Family outing to Djurs Sommerland, a long sunny happy day for all. Photos taken by Lars and Tine

End of Djurs Sommerland pics

At the new house. The boys used a lot of tape to make this Welcome sign

June 2020

Moffe's (Gert's) birthday, celebrated on the terrace in the new house.

End of Moffe's birthday shots

The twins' birthday party, June 13

End of bithday pics

Lars' birthday party, June 19, held at restaurant Bones

A day at the big tropical glass house at the Botanic Gardens

May 2020

My own and Tine's birthday party, both held in our new place.

End of birthday party photos


A day at the beach

April 2020

February 2020

Winter holidays, and we took them on a train to Horsens, to a rather small play place. They played for hours.

A tiny bit of snow, so they made a tiny snow man

Winter holidays, Wednesday at Dokk1

</End of winter holidays Dokk1 photos>

Fastelavn dressing up

January 2020

Alberte is still sick on Jan. 2, but getting a bit better, maybe

A day at the local library, a favourite haunt for Alberte