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June 2021

Visit to the botanic house and playground

End of Botanic house

The boys' 8th birthday

End of birthday shots

May 2021

Tine and the kids spent a night at a hotel and next day visited Moffe

Alberte was sick and at our place, May 18. She got creative

End of sick Alberte photos

April 2021

Alfred, sick and spending a day with us, got creative. He made these folded paper book marks inspired by Youtube.

Friday and Saturday Apr 30 and May 1, the family spent two days at Legolandand all had a good time despite the rain. Photos mostly by Tine

February 2021

Fastelavn (the Danish Carneval)

Fastelavnsfest at Tine & Lars's, whole family. Buns, then out to to wreck the barrel.

End of fastelavn photos

A kind of treasure hunt in the park on a cold day. The app didn't work so we didn't get to the end.

January 2021

Creative ("Krea-") day with Lene (mormor) and Gert (Moffe)

First bit of snow. Not much but the boys made the most of it.

More snow games

More snowman building, the day after.