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Research concentrates on electrochemical digital simulation; that is, the solution of Fick's diffusion equation, with the special boundary conditions given by the electrochemical context. In recent times, some of the major problems have been solved, such as that of fast homogeneous reactions, coupled reactions, and stability in this context has been examined. We now have a handle on most of these problems and the publications list reflects activity on these fronts.

We have recently provided accurate reference values of the current at the ultramicrodisk and ultramicroband electrodes. Recent work includes simulation of the conical well electrode, the conical-tip electrode and accurate values of fluxes at cylindrical and capped cylindrical electrodes. An excursion outside electrochemistry dealt with the dynamics of thermal gas reactions; and within electrochemistry, more efficient ways of simulating enzyme systems. The most recent publication is on the optimisation of simulations of two-dimensional systems, comparing several transformations that have been suggested, investigating multi-point spatial derivative approximations, orthogonal collocation and the eigenvalue, -vector method. Some surprises were encountered in this work. More recently, enzyme systems have been investigated.

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