Many years ago, in my early years in Aarhus, I was at a discotheque one night. It was a split-level place and I was on the top level. There I saw an impressive example of power, without violence.

An argument developed at one table; a bloke who was quite drunk, who seemed to think that the couple he was arguing with had something of his. He got more and more heated and at one point picked up a heavy small foot stool and started swinging it around. No one dafred come near him - he was dangerous with that foot stool.

Someone called the bouncer, and I saw him coming, a pleasant looking short but solid fellow, bounding up the few stairs with a slight smile on his face. He simply went up to the drunk and put his hand on his arm, saying a few words I couldn't hear, and the drunk calmed down immediately and allowed himself to be led downstairs and out. No violence was used or needed, but clearly the drunk could see that he had no chance against the bouncer, who seemed to radiate power, very impressive.