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Christmas Eve party 2021

December 2021

November 2021


The boys at SFO in artists' smocks, painting

Sleeping at our place, all in sleeping bags. A great time was had by all

October 2021

Chestnuts! We went to the two trees in the nearby park, expecting to have to knock down a few remaining chestnuts, but instead found a large number under the trees.

After the chestnuts we went to a small creek near there, to float a boat down it, wading in the creek. A very wet affair, none of the gum boots were long enough.

Sandy's (Bedstemor's) birthday, a prime year 79. We went to the old goods railway station (godsbanegård), now a culture centre, where we got a guided tour of all the workshops. We ended in the ceramics workshop, and got offered clay to shape, which was made good use of. After that, off to Espress House and an afternoon snack/drink.

The boys helped with the work in the cellar, new base floor.

Atumn holidays, one day at Dokk1. They had a creative workshop we had booked, and the kids got going straight away on their projects, and made interesting creations.

Halloween preparations

September 2021

Some vintage shots

August 2021

Mountain holidays, the boys, Lars and I. Train to Hamburg, night train from there to Munich, then on to Berchtesgaden, the last bit by bus.

First day out, the obligatory boat ride to the other end of the lake (Königssee) and the two-hour walk to the higher up lake and to its end. It was drizzling.

The day of the big walk up to the "hut" at Kühroint.

Lars's shots on the day they walked up to the Kühroint house, a step on the way to the first peak of the Watzmann. After Kühroint and a few hours climb to the peak there is the big Watzmannhaus. In both houses you can spend the night. I conked out with an extremely sore left foor about three hours after we started, so after that Lars was on his own with the boys. They made it to Kühroint and spent the night, and went on to Watzmannhaus next day, stopped briefly there and went on. They were stopped halfway up by a thunder storm and had to turn back.

End of Lars's mountain walk photos, but a few of mine here

Meanwhile, photos of Alberte were also taken

More mountain photos

The saltmine in Berchtesgaden

Walk to the Almbachklamm, a raging river in a gully, several km long.

Walk to Berchtesgaden along the creek, making cairns

Cabin lift to the summer Rodelbahn (bobsled) and the Rodelbahn.

Home, James

Bastian, shortbread baker and decorator

Alberte the climber

July 2021

July 1, the boys spent two days at the local wrestling club, ending with a series of "good fights". Afterwards we went to Emmery's for cake and drinks

The yearly trip to Djurs Sommerland. For once the weather was fine, all day

A warm afternoon at Gert's

Jul 16, at the climbing club

Holidays at a beach house

End of holiday snaps

June 2021

Visit to the botanic house and playground

End of Botanic house

The boys' 8th birthday

End of birthday shots

Lars' birthday. Jun 19. The photos seem dominated by sweetie two-year old Karla

May 2021

Tine and the kids spent a night at a hotel and next day visited Moffe

Alberte was sick and at our place, May 18. She got creative

End of sick Alberte photos

April 2021

Alfred, sick and spending a day with us, got creative. He made these folded paper book marks inspired by Youtube.

Friday and Saturday Apr 30 and May 1, the family spent two days at Legolandand all had a good time despite the rain. Photos mostly by Tine

February 2021

Fastelavn (the Danish Carneval)

Fastelavnsfest at Tine & Lars's, whole family. Buns, then out to to wreck the barrel.

End of fastelavn photos

A kind of treasure hunt in the park on a cold day. The app didn't work so we didn't get to the end.

January 2021

Creative ("Krea-") day with Lene (mormor) and Gert (Moffe)

First bit of snow. Not much but the boys made the most of it.

More snow games

More snowman building, the day after.