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December 2022

Christmas party at Tine and Lars; my own few shots

Christmas party; Bedste's photos

Christmas party; Lars's photos

The kids spent Wednesday Dec. 28 with us. We took them climbing (see the videos) and they stayed the night.

New Year's eve, the kids had fun with crackers and costumes. The photos are dark because it was dark outside

November 2022

The boys were making nifty constructions out of magnet things at their after school activities.

October 2022

Sandy's (Bedste's) 80th birthday, held partly on Oct 1 and Oct 9, the actual day

Alberte had to go to the hospital for a diagnosis and the boys went too.

A day at Dokk 1, creative lab and general fun.

September 2022

Symmetry (ISSN 2073-8994)

The boys at Cirkus Tværs' open Tuesday

August 2022

The big day, Alberte's first school day. The boys were proud to take her there.

Aug. 26, Alberte's 6th birthday. Apart from the family, Kathrine and her lovely two kids, Karla (3) and Sophus (0) the star of the day.

Lars's photos

My phone shots

Jun 2022

May 2022

April 2022

The kids spent the night with us, Easter Saturday to Sunday

March 2022

Febuary 2022

Winter holiday week. Monday, Dokk 1.

Wednesday, Natural History Museum. The theme was wolves. And the main attraction was a demo of cutting up a deer.

End of winter holiday shots

January 2022