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Autumn 2023

The boys both got a trumpet at school. They started tooting straight away

Summer 2023

Alberte's birthday party. She is now 7. There was a treasure hunt set up by Moffe (morfar), where they had to fish first for fragments of a map, then follow clues. They each got a bag of sweets. Photos all taken by Lars.

End of birthday party shots

Maeve, Brett and Rikke visited

Holidays at BlÄvand

Lene's birthday party. And an outing with Viggo, the dog.

The annual visit to Djurs Sommerland

A first time three days at a Scouts camp

The twins' 10th birthday, June 13

May 2023

April 2023

March 2023

The big annual dance and gymnastic class show, 25.3., starring Alberte. See also the video.

Febuary 2023

A day at Dokk 1, where we had booked an hour of creative work, which was making a magic wand. The kids, as always, went straight to work.

There was a workshop at Gammel By in the winter holidays, where the kids could make their own hard lollies, and they had a good time.

Another visit to Skejby hospital

Lars decided to fill the big hole with sand and to put the paving bricks back on part of it. All three kids helped with the job.

January 2023

Alberte was sick for a few days and we (mainly Bedste Sandy) minded her. Some homework got done.